who is caitie young?

caitie l. young is a fiction and poetry writer in kent, ohio.

while she would like to be writing all of the time, she is usually found indulging herself in true crime and conspiracy theories in an attempt to make sense of the world. she firmly believes that birds are not real, but can’t bring herself to accept that she lives on a flat earth. it’s incredibly sad. 

paranoid and often impressionable, she can probably be spotted hiding away in her apartment soaking herself in the therapeutic essence of hip-hop music or silence. she enjoys both. her hatred’s include, but are not limited to: capitalization, the proper use of the word “literally,” and gluten.

caitie loves cats of all shapes, colors, and sizes, but she is especially fond of her six-year-old feline whom she has uniquely named sheldon bartholemeow sebastian, and her emotional support cat, cami. 

she is an advocate for the oxford comma, local coffee shops, the plus sign as a substitute for the word “and,” the enneagram, and avocados. 

though her sleep is often disrupted by the squirrel that lives outside her bedside window, she dreams of one day owning her own coffee shop and bookstore in which she can read and write poetry, while also fueling her addiction to black coffee.

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